Cut & Style

Regular Haircut – $18
Crew Cut – $15
Scissor Cut – $20
Shampoo, Cut & Dry – $21
Long Hair – $25
Shape Up All Around – $14


Royal Shave

Royal shave includes pre-shave creams, hot lather, steaming warm towel, cleansing cream, moisturizing cream, post shave products and face massage. Royal Shave also includes an additional machine massage for face, head and upper body.


Razor Services

Machine Beard Trim – $10
Face Razor Shave – $15
Head Razor Shave – $20
Royal Shave – $30

  • I've been going to this man's shop since my freshman yr of college, many, many moons ago- Mike C.
  • Finally found a place in the city that provides great service and the right price and most importantly is on my commute home from the office. Very clean and spacious location with great barbers.- Ryan N.
  • I'd recommend this place to any professional guy. You're not going to be disappointed.- Robert S.